Akihabara killer

June 9, 2008

siapa sangka,lelaki ini tomohiro kato (25) telah meragut nyawa 7 org di akihabara,tokyo.

dengan alasan ‘sudah bosan dengan hidup’

Tomohiro Kato drove a white two-ton rental truck into a crowd of pedestrians, running over at least three people and then emerging from the truck with a large knife, according to police and witnesses.

Indiscriminately slashing and stabbing as he went, Kato then ran and walked through the center of the Akihabara neighborhood, where thousands of young men from Japan and around the world gather for electronic gadgets and comic books, computer games and nerdy fellowship.

“I am tired of life,” Kato later told police. “I came to Akihabara to kill people. It didn’t matter who they were. I came alone.” – The Washington Post.

  • A yearbook page obtained by the press contains a sketch of an RPG character with some text Kato had written in English.

AFP’s latest article has the following quote from a kid they interviewed about the incident:

“I’m afraid he did this because he played video games. But he should have known that in life, you can’t hit the restart button.”

benarkah game atau anime boleh mencapai tahap hingga mempengaruhi die hard fan nya meniru watak kegemaran?

semua perkara ada batasannya


One Response to “Akihabara killer”

  1. nash Says:

    kalau dah tak de pegangan agama mcm tu la kesudahannya..
    p/s my junior n kohai ye..huhu

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